Legacy of Liberty Memorial Park is pleased to announce the first release of its full website. Contents include history of the many exhibited artifacts collected from contacts in the U.S. armed forces; biographies of dozens of liberator heroes whose narratives can inspire us to carry on the legacy of liberty; and, most important, the timeless values that drove these heroes and ourselves to uphold the freedoms we enjoy.
Our park's grand opening is scheduled for 24 May 2024, just before Memorial Day, and we are looking forward to meeting many of our supporters and our Grand Lake visitors to share these narratives of character from our heartland. And you can take these values with you by checking back with our website or signing up for our emailed newsletter as we find and retell new stories exemplifying heroes who did the right thing.
You don't have to fly a P-51 Mustang or to drive a six-wheeler duckboat over land and water to pass on the values our heroes have taught us. They all protested that they were ordinary men and women who were empowered to do extraordinary tasks. We too can show responsibility, fearlessness and mercy when we face the extraordinary everyday, and one way Legacy of Liberty helps is to tell these memorable stories so that they continue to inspire forever.

Legacy of Liberty Memorial Park is so gratified to our partners for publicizing our Grand Opening, Friday, 24 May 2024, at 10 a.m. Travel Dreams magazine has just reviewed the park and its grand opening plans to a broad audience.
You can read the whole article for more details on our plans to display and preserve the memorials of what our heroes have done for liberty and how they found the values that drove them to overcome forces of tyranny and oppression. The grand opening is just the beginning of the creation of a network of volunteers and friends who will carry on the stories we tell today.
The public is welcome to the grand opening festivities and will be roused to inspiration by the recognition of our liberators' sacrifices in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. By selecting heroes and events from among the five U.S. military branches participating in WWII, from such diverse units as the Oklahoma Thunderbirds, the Code Talkers, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Higgins Boat and Duckboat landers, and the triage nurses and medics who helped recovery of casualties, it is our hope that all can find continuing inspiration in the deeds of the men and women of our armed forces.
The Travel Dreams review joins the coverage by the Anchor Entertainment Center at Shangri-La, the 360GrandLake blog, andFirst Call golf industry news.

The news is out! In partnership with the incomparable Shangri-La Resort, Legacy of Liberty Memorial Park is announcing its grand opening, 10 a.m. on Friday, 24 May 2024. We adjoin Shangri-La on Oklahoma's Grand Lake o' the Cherokees, at Shangri-La's Battlefield Golf Course.
As members know from the Battlefield and Shangri-La's Anchor Entertainment Center, featuring a full-size replica of the anchor of the USS Oklahoma and memorial exhibits, the island community is dedicated to remembering and honoring the monumental sacrifices of our veterans to preserve our Constitutional guarantee of liberty. This opening represents the fulfillment of a promise to make that memorial an enduring legacy.
Attendees are welcome from the public and will be rewarded with Memorial Park commemorative coins, food and beverages, and most of all a stirring dedication remembering our heroes. Dozens of liberators from World War II are honored, with incredible authentic military weapons and vehicles, the most realistic statues you can find anywhere (including the Iwo Jima flag raisers), and plenty of storyboards encapsulating the values modeled by our veterans so that visitors can carry on the legacy as the histories are retold.
Hear Shangri-La president Barry Willingham speak about all the upcoming work, standing on the pavilion where the exhibits are being installed, and get a sneak preview of the P-51D Mustang fighter jet you'll be able to see for yourself. Stay in touch with our website,, for more details.

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