Understanding guidance and empathy
in uniting and directing a diverse group
of subordinate individuals toward
the successful implementation of a
common objective.


Gracious and helpful provision of
benevolence, care and support to
those in distress, especially when
treating traumatic injuries and wounds
sustained during combat.


Unselfish pledge of devotion to
completely follow a directive or carry out
an order, operating with relentless
persistence until the total objective of
the mandated activity is fulfilled.


Intentional mindset to do everything
possible to completely fulfill expectations
and requirements of assigned tasks,
willingly accepting the burden of
accountability for performance.


Extreme self-confidence and mental
toughness enabling daring feats of
exceptional ability and precision while
rising to the challenge of life-and-death
combat situations.


Boldness of spirit to face difficulty,
danger and pain combined with
the strength of mind to persevere,
especially with heroic deeds in the heat
of combat.


Shrewd and crafty use of linguistic
advantage to communicate highly
sensitive strategic information
within an impenetrable veil of


Fervent passion for the welfare of
others or the support of a vital cause;
shown in the extreme, by willing
acceptance of pain or even death to
save others or to fulfill an urgent mission.


Mental or moral strength to face
danger, based on an attitude of
deep national loyalty and a sense
of unity with those who share that

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